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Microsoft Word file 2014 MLL 5yo - 9yo Progession Chart- A chart reviewing in side by side comparison the advancement each year from age 5 through age 9 in advancing in MLL. Outlines what is being taught in our league progression format.

Adobe PDF file 2016 Sponsor Letter *

Microsoft Word file 2017 Majors Local Rules- These are the MLL local rules for Majors baseball in 2017, including a summary of pitching regulations and the player call-up procedure

Microsoft Word file 2017 Minors AA & AAA Local rules- 2017 Local rules for AA and AAA leagues. Refer any questions to your respective Commissioners or the UIC.

Microsoft Word file 2017 Regular Season Pitching Rules-Baseball- A Summary of the Regular Season Pitching Rules for Majors and Minors Baseball contained in Regulation VI of the 2017 Little League Rulebook

Adobe PDF file 2017 Softball Majors Local Rules *- These are the rules in effect for Majors softball in 2017

Adobe PDF file 2017 Softball Minors Local Rules *- These are the Minors softball rules in effect for 2017

Adobe PDF file 2017 volunteer app NEW *- Use this form if you did NOT volunteer in 2016

Adobe PDF file 2017 volunteer app returning *- Use this form if you were approved as a volunteer in 2016

Microsoft Word file 2018 MLL Youth Umpire Program- As we enter the eleventh year of the popular Youth Umpire program supporting MLL baseball and softball year-round, this document will familiarize you with the program details

Microsoft Word file 2018 MLL Youth Umpire Timesheet- Timesheet to be completed by Youth Umpires and mailed to PO Box 243

Adobe PDF file Fields maintenance guide *- Provided by the Baseball Tomorrow Fund

Adobe PDF file Injury Tracking Form *- This form is to be used by Team Managers to report ALL field related injuries to our Safety Officer.

Adobe PDF file Kyle's ALS Walk *

Adobe PDF file Lightning Procedures *- This documents the Town of Madison's Lightning procedures.

Microsoft Word file Madison Baseball Code of Conduct

Adobe PDF file MLL Boys All-Star and Summer Baseball Selection Process * *

Microsoft Word file MLL Emergency Contact Information- Coaches should keep this information available at all times in case of emergency situations

Microsoft Word file MLL Field Maintenance Instructions- This document provides the basics for field maintenance. It is suggested to print this out for use when assigned team parent field maintenance responsibilties.

Microsoft Word file MLL Umpire Code of Conduct- This code of conduct must be signed each year by anyone umpiring within MLL.

Adobe PDF file OrthoNow *- Emergency Walkin Clinic for any player that gets injured.

Adobe PDF file Parent and Athlete Concussion Fact Sheet *- This Fact Sheet from the CDC provides helpful information on concussions for players and parents

Microsoft Word file Postive Coaching Handout- Details postive coaching principles. Teg Cosgriff authored his document.

Microsoft Word file Team Parent Manual- This is a guide for the designated Team Parent on each team.

Microsoft Word file Town of Madison - OUTLINE FOR TEMPORARY FOOD SERVICE EVENTS- This provides guidelines for food service from the Madison Health Department.

Microsoft Word file Well Wish Flyer- Send a supportive note to your son/daughter in this year’s Booster Book and be eligible to win complimentary tickets to any Connecticut Defenders home game. Print and send in this form.

Microsoft Word file What Parents Should Know about Little League Insurance

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.